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Move Better

Work out with Melanie and Stephanie
Start the year in a positive way! Come work out with Melanie and Stephanie and break a sweat as you learn proper movement and get your body moving. This is a perfect class for everyone who wants to be more active but doesn't know where to start or is intimidated to go to a gym.
Jan 14, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
San Antonio,
1120 E Commerce St, San Antonio, TX 78205, USA
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Crush your goals today! 

We help you achieve them!

We work with individuals of all ages and stages of fitness. Whether you're a weekend warrior, training for a competition, or just want to get moving. Each session is created for you and your needs. 


First session is

always Free


Guided 1:1 one hour personalized exercise training & modifications


Purposeful training targeted to YOU


Remote and in-person programming

Results & Reviews

Reasons Emma is a great trainer: 1. Emma spends time preparing for every appointment. She thoughtfully considers my desires/goals and injuries. She's done her own research, talked with colleagues, and paid attention to what's worked/hasn't in the past. I'm appreciative of this individualization and care.

2. Emma does a good job holding me accountable to pushing through discomfort or fear. Recovering from injuries has made me weary of many different moves/positions - She's supported and coached me through various situations. It's shown care, attention and accountability to pushing myself further. 

3. Emma is personable - she's easy to connect with, a great storyteller, and lots of fun. I've seen her have relationships with many diverse people - age, gender, on various states of physical confidence or fitness, and other aspects of identity. The gym / trying to get in shape can be intimidating - Emma is welcoming and lowers that discomfort or nervousness. 

4.  Emma is a teacher! She is great at directions, modeling, offering differentiation, etc. She builds up complexity in the workouts, phases in that complexity, etc. She narrates how you're doing during the various moves and adjusts form directly and clearly. So helpful!

5. She's really good at timing and counting. 

~ Caitlin Butler

Emma Jewell is genuinely one of a kind. She was my first introduction to CrossFit back in 2017, and I’ve had the privilege to train with her since. What makes her different from any other coach I’ve worked with is her heart, passion, and love for wanting to see people live their best healthy lives. She is the reason why I love CrossFit and have followed her to different gyms. Her level of professionalism and friendship is incredible. Above all else, she is genuinely in it to see her clients win. Never once do I feel pressured to do anything I don’t want to do. She challenges me in the best of ways and will literally work out with you. She really is a gem in and outside the gym. Thank you so much, Emma, for training me to be the best version of myself and for currently helping me regain my love for running. So if you’re looking for an all-around coach, look no further. She really is that good! 

~ Angela Clark

Emma has been an outstanding personal trainer and coach for me.  As an avid CrossFit athlete I began noticing some serious deficiencies in my strength training over the last year.  The normal gym programming was fine but it wasn't helping me on the specifics that I needed to achieve my personal goals.  Emma was able to identify exactly what I needed to work on and developed a strength plan that was easy to follow and was really fun to do.  While working with her she was always available to assist, answer questions and adjust the workouts as i progressed through them, catering the fitness to meet me exactly where I was at the moment. In the months that I have been working with her I have noticed a profound increase in my strength, and an increase in my technical proficiency in lifting.  Emma never lets me move poorly and holds me to a high standard that has ensured I am safe while working out and achieving the goals I have set for myself.  Aside from Emma's technical abilities, she is also incredibly kind, gracious, funny, and an all-around great person to work with. She has an amazing ability to push me to work hard while still making me laugh and enjoy our time together.  I would recommend her to anyone in my life and consider her a top notch coach and friend.

~ William Vallee

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