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How to get back to running injury free

How are you ramping up your mileage for the Rock n' Roll Marathon

As physical therapists that help runners get back to their next race we often see runners ramp up too fast. Some people tend to take time off then choose the next big race as a goal.

These same people tend to go for a random long run because “this is what I used to run” then end up getting injured and can’t compete in their race.

Best way to avoid this situation is to start training early and incorporate an interval run that gradually works to a 30 min consistency without stopping.


wk 1 can be

Run 1 min walk 5 min (5 rounds=30 min)

Wk 2

2 min run, 4 min walk

Wk 3

3 min run, 3 min walk

Etc until you reach 30 min without pain or discomfort.

Try these to prevent injury and cross the finish line injury free!

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