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Running Tips: Prevent Injury

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Running Tip #1

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With all gyms closed and limited equipment, many have started running, while others are transitioning from running on the treadmill to outside. We are now running more outside in the trails and sidewalks, which is very different than running outside. To prevent injury and pains, we need to keep in mind that we should progress slowly and work towards a good tolerance. Take this tip to improve your running ability and performance! Start with one minute on (running) one minute off (walking). Keep your cadence in mind, which means the number of steps a minute. The gold standard is 180 steps a minute. No worries you don't have to count your steps there's Metronome apps that you can download. You can also check out Spotify and Pandora, they have songs based on 180 beats a minute. Remember the goal is 180 steps a minute.


Running Tip #2

How you run can cause injury. As you run, do you heel, mid or forefoot strike? If you heel strike and experience pain as you run, it might be time to correct your striking and start mid or forefoot striking. if you're not sure what type of striking you do ask someone to take a video of you. This is something that we don't think about as we run, so next time you hit the trail think about it. Also, keep in mind that running on a treadmill is different than running in a trail or concrete. If you have questions, we are happy to talk to you over the phone or contact us to get your free session

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