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Shoulder Mobility

Suffering from shoulder pain? You may be dealing with insufficient shoulder strength and/or mobility. Common issues we see are impaired external rotation, decreased rotator cuff strength and mid/lower trap engagement. Try these 4 movements to keep you strong and make you harder to kill!

💪🏼 Arm Bar Rotations: 10 each external rotation & 10 each internal rotation for a total of 20x per arm.

💪🏼Prone PVC Lift Off 10x10 sec hold. If you don’t have a PVC you can use the stick of your broom.

💪🏼 Shoulder Hurdles 20x each. Watch for rotation of the spine and keep everything nice and flat. Engaging only the shoulder during these movements.

💪🏼 Shoulder 90/90 Press and Hold. Attempt to press one arm up from the 90 degree position 2x12 each side while maintaining the opposite shoulder at a 90/90 position. ZBU

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