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How to Box Jump to Prevent Injury/Knee Pain

Stepping up, we do this all the time, when we take the stairs or perform box jumps. In fact, this is a popular cross-fit exercise. This is a good exercise but have you paid attention to your hips and knees as you perform this exercise? Most people don't, because let's be honest who thinks about that? I do, because I am a Physical Therapist, now even my wife pays attention to what her knee is doing because she knows that that causes her knee to get weaker resulting in pain and not being able to run (and she loves running). I don't want to scare you and definitely don't want you to stop doing box jumps or ruin your favorite WOD. All I want is to raise awareness and share with you a few tips to prevent injuries.

Keep an eye for the following:

  • Does your knee(s) dive in? If yes, this shouldn't be happening.

  • Your knee(s) should line up with your second toe and hip

Watch the video for more details. Feel free to contact Positive Action for any further questions at

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